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"This is My America is simply one of the most amazing projects the Nashville Songwriters Association International has had the privilege to be involved with. The music is incredible, the stories amazing and the concept is fabulous. This is My America will be around in many incarnations for a long, long time." - Bart Herbison, Executive Director - Nashville Songwriters Association International

"This Is My America could be one of the most fulfilling projects I have ever been a part of. Never before have I been able to express my musical abilities to write upon the subjects of my most beloved topics and have them placed within a framework with so many other great writers. With these songs, I am able to speak to my ancestors and for a moment, ride along in their journeys." - Tim "Ryan" Rouillier, Songwriter & Performer

"I haven't felt this way about a song since 'Kiss An Angel Good Morning.' I love the lyrics!" - Charley Pride, Performer, commenting on the song "Mississippi (Roll On Home With Me)"

"It is an honor for the Grammy winning Nashville Symphony to have participated in This is My America. The timeliness and magnitude of this project brings together an unprecedented team of talent and inspirational artists under the grand vision of Executive Producer Douglas Hutton. I can think of no other recorded project that has more potential to speak to the American people, to recount our musical heritage and to inspire than This is My America." - Mark Blakeman, Vice President and General Manager, Nashville Symphony

"I have always had an interest in both the Great Depression and in World War I. Working on the This Is My America project gave me the opportunity to explore these critical points through song. My co-writer, Jamie Ferrugia, and I created characters that stepped out of their time into ours, providing us with a snapshot of America as she traveled the timeline of history. I will forever be grateful to Douglas Hutton and Bart Herbsion for the opportunity to work on this project and to use my talents as a songwriter in a new and exciting way." - Rory Bourke, Songwriter

"Jim Weatherly and Wood Newton have written a superb melody and lyric that captures the spirit of 'Old Glory' and reminds us of the sacrifices made in the name of democracy. This project was a huge undertaking and hopefully will educate and arouse the patriot in us all. It was an honor and a pleasure to sing 'Wave On,' and I hope it inspires you as it did me." - Billy Dean, Performer

"The music of This Is My America says to me that our America was built on the extraordinary ideas of many unique minds." - Thomas Cain, Senior Director, Writer/Publisher Relations, BMI Nashville.

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Not only does this body of work have exceptional artists, songwriters and musicians involved, it is extremely heartwarming and inspirational. It rekindles a sense of pride and dedication to our Country and heritage. This work is timeless and I predict it will be instrumental in our educational system to make learning our history both entertaining and rewarding for generations to come." - Sally T. Franklin, Tennessee

"Listening to the music of "This Is My America" gave me chills. It made me pause and reflect on the courage and sacrifice of all those who have come before us. It made me thankful to have been blessed to live in America. The variety of music and lyrics was very moving, and also reflective of the enormous talent by which we are surrounded. This is a CD that could easily become one of my favorites. I can't wait to hear it in its entirety." - Terri N. Nashville, Tennessee

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  • 3 CD set - 64 tracks in all
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