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This Is My America: Disc 1

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Hutton Music
Track #SampleTitleArtist
1 Voices (pre-America - Native Americans / The First Americans) More InfoTim Ryan & the Nashville Symphony
2 Follow The Buffalo (pre-America - Native Americans) More InfoDwayne Ford
3 Narrative: Saints And Strangers (1620)David Ford
4 Saints And Strangers (1620 - The Mayflower) More InfoBrendan Murphy
5 Narrative: Bulletproof (1775)David Ford
6 Bulletproof (1775 - George Washington / French-Indian War) More InfoBrice Long
7 Narrative: Tea In The Sea ()David Ford
8 Tea In The Sea (1773 - The Boston Tea Party) More InfoTroy Johnson
9 Narrative: Paul Revere's Midnight Ride (1775)David Ford
10 Paul Revere's Midnight Ride (1775 - The Revolutionary War) More InfoRon Wallace
11 Narrative: Missouri (1804)Kathy Mattea
12 Missouri (1804 - Lewis and Clark) More InfoTim Ryan, Sharon Vaughn & the Nashville Symphony
13 Narrative: The Alamo (1836)David Ford
14 The Alamo (1836) More InfoBarry Dean
15 Cherokee Rose (1838 - The Trail of Tears) More InfoRoxie Dean
16 Gold In Them Hills (1848 - California Gold Rush) More InfoGene Miller
17 Narrative: Chimneyville (1863)David Ford
18 Chimneyville (1863 - Civil War) More InfoJ Fred Knobloch
19 Narrative: Biscuits And Wine (1863)David Ford
20 Biscuits And Wine (1863 - Civil War) More InfoMatt Dame
21 As Soldiers Lie At Rest (1865 - Civil War) More InfoTim Buppert

This Is My America: Disc 2

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Hutton Music
Track #SampleTitleArtist
1 Narrative: Mississippi (1870's)Kathy Mattea
2 Mississippi (Roll On Home With Me) (1870's - Mighty Mississippi River) More InfoCharley Pride
3 Narrative: He's A Cowboy (1870's)Kathy Mattea
4 He's A Cowboy (1880's - American Cowboy) More InfoTim Ryan
5 Somewhere Where I Belong (1880's - European Immigrants) More InfoJon Vezner
6 32 Questions (1880's - Ellis Island / Immigrants) More InfoPerry Danos
7 Narrative: Step Into The Sky (1903)Beth Nielsen Chapman
8 Step Into The Sky (1903 - Wright Brothers / First Flight) More InfoKaryn Williams
9 Narrative: Canary (1911-1912)Kathy Mattea
10 Canary (1911-1912 - Coalmining) More InfoAshley Monroe
11 Narrative: American Dream (1915)Kathy Mattea
12 American Dream (1915 - Struggles For The Working Man) More InfoMatt King
13 Narrative: Terre Haute (1917)David Ford
14 Terre Haute (1917 - World War I) More InfoRon Wallace
15 Narrative: Little Orphan Girl (1929)Beth Nielsen Chapman
16 Little Orphan Girl (1929 - The Great Depression) More InfoJenny Gill
17 Scarface (1930-1931 - Al Capone) More InfoMatt King
18 Narrative: Ridin' The Rails (1933)Beth Nielsen Chapman
19 Ridin' The Rails (1933 - Children of Great Depression) More InfoMatt Dame
20 Narrative: Secret Of The Rohna (1943)Wood Newton
21 Secret Of The Rohna (1943 - World War II) More InfoWood Newton
22 Narrative: Hot Night In Memphis (1954)David Ford
23 Hot Night In Memphis (1954 - Elvis Presley) More InfoBilly Burnette

This Is My America: Disc 3

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Hutton Music
Track #SampleTitleArtist
1 Narrative: On The Radio (1950's)Nan Gurley
2 On The Radio (1950's - Importance of Radio) More InfoMatt Dame
3 Narrative: More Than A Train (1950's)Thomas Cain
4 More Than A Train (1950's - African American Heritage) More InfoThomas Cain
5 Reachin' Up To The Moon (1960's - Space Exploration / John F. Kennedy) More InfoDavid Pack
6 Narrative: A Good Rain (1980's)Kathy Mattea
7 A Good Rain (1980's - American Farmer) More InfoJenny Yates
8 Narrative: Spirit Of The Horse (1990's)Nan Gurley
9 Spirit Of The Horse (1990's - American Horse) More InfoVictoria Venier
10 Narrative: There's A Light (2001)Beth Nielsen Chapman
11 There's A Light (2001 - Loved Ones Lost) More InfoBeth Nielsen Chapman, the Nashville Symphony & the Fisk Jubilee Singers
12 Narrative: A Bridge Across (2002)Dolly Parton
13 A Bridge Across (2002 - Peace / Bridging Differences / Daniel Pearl) More InfoDolly Parton, Mark O'Connor & the Nashville Symphony
14 Hard Times In The Big Easy (2005 - New Orleans / Hurricane Katrina) More InfoFlat River Band
15 Narrative: A Soldier's Wife (current)Beth Nielsen Chapman
16 A Soldier's Wife (current - Heroes at Home) More InfoRoxie Dean
17 This Is My America (eternal - Strength and Beauty of America) More InfoA Children's Choir
18 The Place That I Call Home (present - America) More InfoKathy Mattea
19 Narrative: What Is America? (eternal)David Ford
20 Wave On, Old Glory, Wave On (The Flag of The United States of America) More InfoBilly Dean, the Nashville Symphony & the Fisk Jubilee Singers

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